Simone Pinamonte (Head of Asset Management and Technical Advising)

Simone has been part of the Hideal Partners Group since 2010 as senior project manager and chief technical officer, where he was involved in the development and construction of a number of wind farms in Italy for approx. 100 MW.

Simone contributed to RENAM set-up and growth, by managing 140 MW of PV plants and 110 MW of wind plants, as well as providing technical support services for construction (project management and supervisor construction) and advisory activities (technical due diligences).

Simone was also involved in the creation of the partnership between RENAM and Tages, which brought to the creation of the “Helios Fund” and of Delos Power, one of the leading renewable independent power producer in Italy.

Simone began his career as a technical manager in companies operating in the field of environment and gas to energy management, and has designed, developed, built and managed biogas plants with energy production and heat recovery for about 10 MW in Italy. Simone also gained a significant experience in the renewable energy sector in Italy, being involved in the design and building of nearly 20 PV, hydroelectric and wind plants in different regions of Italy.

Simone graduated in environmental engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan and holds a Master in Business Administration from Bocconi University.

Mariagrazia Gatto (Admin and Finance Manager)

Mariagrazia has been dealing with accounting matters over the last 30 years, first as a professional of an accountancy firm and then as member of the finance & accounting team of big corporations, covering all tax and accounting aspects, from the bookkeeping to the preparation of the financial statements and tax returns.

Mariagrazia started working in 2006 at Babcock & Brown, an investment bank active the renewable energy and real estate sector in Italy, as financial controller for the infrastructure assets.

Mariagrazia joined the Hideal Partners Group in 2012 and she has been involved in the set-up of RENAM, contributing significantly to its growth and structuring the organization of the accounting department.

In her career, Mariagrazia dealt with tax and accounting aspects related to the development of renewable energy plans, from the construction phase to the operation. She was as well involved in extraordinary activities related the acquisition or sale of assets.

Paolo V. Chiantore (Managing Director)

Paolo has been in the energy industry for more than 36 years and, as a manager of the API group, was involved in Italy in the development, construction and operation of one of the first wind farms in 1997 and one of the largest utility scale PV plant ten years later.

In 2010 Paolo joined Kenergia, a family-owned consulting firm based in Rome, specializing in photovoltaic technology. Between 2010 and 2012 Paolo contributed to the start-up of an asset management company (Wise Energy, in which Kenergia had a minority stake) and the first independent provider of O&M services for PV plants (Kenergia Sviluppo). The latter company was acquired by BayWa r.e. Italia in 2016, originating BayWa r.e. Operation Services, currently one of the leading providers of technical services for PV plants in Italy. Paolo served as Managing Director of BayWa r.e. Operation Services until early 2023.

In December 2021 Paolo led the acquisition of RENAM from the previous owners and started the process of integrating the company into the BayWa r.e. family. Since the day of the acquisition, Paolo has been Managing Director of RENAM.