RENAM has been managing wind and solar plants for more than 10 years, providing technical, financial and commercial management services tailored to fit each client’s needs.
Entrusting the management of their portfolio to RENAM, investors can count on a reliable, highly skilled and motivated team that gathers multi-disciplinary experiences covering the assets on a 360-degree basis.
RENAM’s strength is its pragmatic and “hands on” approach, focused on problem solving and committed to get the highest plants’ efficiency and investment’s return maximization.

Some of the main services we provide:

  • Monitoring plants on a daily basis through remote data acquisition system, and taking prompt actions in case of malfunction
  • Analysing plants’ efficiency and availability, with focus on performance optimisation
  • Periodical site visits to directly check the plants’ conditions and follow-up on operation and maintenance tasks
  • Specific technical inspections (e.g. thermography tests, IV curve measurements, etc.) to investigate and/or prevent decrease of performance
  • Surveillance of H&S processes and assistance to ensure compliance with applicable H&S laws and regulations
  • Technical and operational reporting, including all the information so as to give an easy and accurate overview of the plants’ performance and main events occurred
  • Follow-up and supervision of the obligations contained in the O&M contracts and regular contacts with the contractor, to ensure full and timely performance
  • Management of insurance policies and, when applicable, relevant claims
  • In case of extraordinary maintenance works that must performed in relation to plant(s), assistance in the selection of contractors and service providers and in negotiating the relevant agreements
  • Management of the relationships with land-owners, also aimed at preventing potential conflicts

Power Purchase Agreements are closely managed to obtain the highest electricity prices offered on the market. All our clients are benefitting from the best market prices and conditions having signed Power Purchase Agreements with private power trading company which were carefully selected and evaluated by RENAM.

  • Fulfilment of all the obligations provided for in applicable regulations issued by the national grid operator, GSE, ARERA and Customs Agency, to maintain the plants fully qualified for receiving the feed-in tariff
  • Monitoring of ongoing compliance of the plants with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as permits and authorisations
  • Monitoring of any change in laws and regulations that could affect the plants
  • Budgeting and variance analysis of the plants’ income and expenses, to allow the client to evaluate potential corrective actions where necessary
  • Preparation of P&L and cash-flow statements, to evidence the SPV’s profitability and monitor the cash available for distributions
  • Financial reporting to provide a clear and thorough overview of the SPV’s financial situation
  • Ensuring that all contractual obligations are fulfilled and managing the relationship with the lenders
  • Calculation of covenants and reporting to lenders
  • Assistance in the update of the financial model(s) of the “bank base case” to enable distributions as well as investors’ financial model to evaluate investments’ performance.
  • Bookkeeping on a daily basis of invoices and other accounting entries, both according to Italian GAAP and IFRS
  • Preparation of interim accounts for reporting purposes
  • Preparation and filing of annual financial statements and supplementary notes
  • Fulfillment of all tax compliance requirements and assistance in extraordinary tax matters
  • Preparation and filing of periodical tax returns
  • Support to the statutory auditors and to the auditing firm in their verification activities
  • Management of bank accounts, check of receivables, authorization of payables, monitoring of bank movements, reconciliation with accounting
  • Company domiciliation for the SPVs
  • General legal assistance for company’s ordinary matters
  • Availability of RENAM facilities for client’s meetings