Thanks to its strong technical background and extensive experience gained by its team in development and construction of renewable energy projects, RENAM is a leading technical advisor and owner engineer with activities including full technical due diligence, plant design, development support as well as project management in the construction and revamping/repowering phases for clients.

Some of the main services we provide:

RENAM provides independent technical advisory to support financing and M&A transactions in solar and wind sectors.
RENAM can carry out full technical due diligence, focused on evidencing any actual or potential investment risk factors.
The technical due diligence performed by RENAM typically includes desk analysis and site inspections, performed by experienced and skilled professionals.

Some of the areas usually covered are:

  • compliance with the constrains and obligations included in the planning permission
  • fulfilment of the GSE requirements needed to receive the feed-in tariff
  • review of preliminary and final design of the plants
  • assessment of the plant’s main component (technical review: technology suitability, model and manufacturer track records, certifications, warranty validity, etc.)
  • EPC contract(s), O&M contract(s) and other relevant agreements
  • technical and finance assumptions reflected in the financial model

Moreover, RENAM provides to its clients:

  • independent assessment of yield and plant performances
  •  site visits to monitor progress of construction works and compliance with planning permissions and other obligations
  •  specific site investigations, e.g. thermographic inspections, IV curves and further functional tests

RENAM is available to support clients who need to outsource the project management along the construction phase, with a full service assistance from the signature of the EPC contract to the “Preliminary Acceptance Certificate”, in order to ensure that the plant(s) are completed on time and on budget, according to specifications of the EPC Contract and of H&S laws and regulations.

Some of the tasks performed by RENAM are:

  • detailed project review and check on compliance with the obligations included in planning documents, land rights agreements and client’s specifications
  •  assistance to the purchaser’s technical advisors
  •  preparation and monitoring of a project timetable, monitoring the works on-site and notifying the owner in case of potential risks
  •  managing the EPC contract, including validation of payment certificates, change orders, management of claims etc.
  •  managing the “Preliminary Acceptance Certificate” phase, including review of the post-connection punch lists. – Attività di project management